About Us

Protecting our First Responders while they are in harm’s way starts with accurately tracking them in real-time, so if they need to be rescued, we know exactly where to find them. We utilize new technology to do this unobtrusively. Don’t lose a good man or woman because you couldn't find him or her when he or she needed help.

Core Team Members

    Glen Var Rosenbaum (President /CEO)

    Glen Var Rosenbaum founded and ran his own profitable corporation, Corvus Radio Co., manufacturing specialized radios in the early 2000s. He has worked for other startup companies as technical lead in product development, including WavePhore Inc., which went public, Enviro Foam Technologies (as vice president), and Covid Technologies. Glen Var has worked in the Aerospace industry (at Motorola, General Dynamics, and Orbital Sciences) primarily on satellite communications but was recently assigned to take on rocket science responsibilities. Working on various projects such as the space shuttle, the national seismic system, and GPS, Mr. Rosenbaum consistently has performed well as a project leader, manager, and engineer. Glen Var holds 7 patents, a DOD Secret Level Clearance, and publications.

    Jae Heiner (VP/COO)

    Jae Heiner has experience with startups, including GlobalKey, where, as technical director, he developed a secure communications system (Virtual Private Network before they were called that) serving individuals, commercial businesses, municipalities and governments. Jae has worked in the Aerospace Industry (including at TRW, General Dynamics and Orbital Sciences) on GPS, NASA’s Tracking Data Relay Satellite System and other intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems. Most of this experience has been as a director, program manager, project lead, lead systems engineer, or team lead. Mr. Heiner has been brought in to lead several tiger teams (special troubleshooting teams sent in to fix critical issues); with these Jae has had significant success. (For instance, he lead a team that restored commercial collection operations of a damaged on-orbit GeoEye imaging satellite.) He has been entrusted with annual budgets of between $10M to $80M. He has directed the highly successful development, launch, and operation of major, technology-cutting, restricted satellite programs.

    Esme A. Weathers (Acting CFO)

    Mrs. Weathers graduated from Brigham Young University-Hawaii with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a minor in Organizational Behavior. She has accounting, tax preparation and office management experience with United Families International, a non-profit non-government organization. She is responsible for the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) submission of 10K and 10Q fillings and PCAOB reports which are required when a company is made public. Mrs. Weathers is fluent in multiple languages including English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Malay. She aspires to grow Corvus Technologies into an international corporation, in hopes that other countries will have access to and benefit from the new technology provided by Corvus.

    Don Doerres (Engineering Manager) - Lead Software Engineer

    Mr. Doerres received his BSEE from the University of Iowa. He has had Masters Studies at Midwest College of Engineering and at Arizona State University. Don is a frequent speaker at technical conferences including four years speaking at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose, and several years speaking at local conferences such as Arizona's Desert Code Camp. Mr. Doerres teaches private classes on microcontroller usage to young and old, including the popular Arduino and Raspberry Pi computer boards. Much of his open source work can be found at www.slideshare.net/dondoerres.
    Donald has worked in the AeroSpace industry (Motorola, EG&G, General Dynamics & Orbital Sciences) for most of his 40 year career on a broad selection of projects ranging from mobile communications gear, to heavy radar system refurbishment, to complex embedded systems used in spacecraft. He has written spacecraft software for many spacecraft, including all of the software for the Lunar Prospector mission. He is the co-developer of the core flight software system for Orbital Sciences LeoStar-3 family of spacecraft. Donald has been project leader or proposal manager on many projects and has served as corporate chief engineer. Today, most of his time is spent diagnosing and remotely fixing spacecraft problems. His expertise includes Embedded Real Time software, RF Systems Simulation, Analysis, and implementation. Donald has worked with Electronics circuit design of many types spanning analog, digital, RF, and power supply circuitry. Mr. Doerres holds a Commercial Radio Telephone License and an Advanced Class Radio Amateur License.
    Mr. Doerres has also worked for several Start-up companies as Chief Engineer, including early work at Lincoln Laser as they developed their Systems group and the startup aerospace company Broad Reach Engineering.
    Mr. Doerres has held DOD Secret and Top Secret Level Clearances for many years. He currently holds a TS/SCI with CI POLY.
    Editorial Add-on: Don also is a (modest) member of the Mensa Society (for high IQ people).

    Gordon Laughlin (Antenna Specialist) – RF Engineering Support

    Mr. Laughlin received his BSEE and MSEE for the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Michigan. Following graduation, he began his engineering career at the Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Md. where he performed Advanced Research and Development in Phased Array Antennas Technology. The research resulted in multiple internal academic publications and several papers published in the professional publications “IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation” and “IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques”. He presented his material at the IEEE International Symposium. Additionally, he received several patents related to microwave technology in phased array antennas. While at Johns Hopkins University, Gordon was also engaged in other research areas including radar processing and oceanographic propagation phenomenon where he gained hands on experience in field testing.
    After 12 years at JHU, Gordon migrated to the Florida Sunbelt where he joined Harris Corp. in Melbourne, Fl. At Harris he was able to place emphasis on fielding hardware systems. He applied his expertise in several government sponsored programs and proposals that required advanced phased array antenna systems in ground, air and space applications. As part of this effort he persuaded a government customer to support and fund development of a key enabling technology that makes large space based phased array antennas practical. He was made lead system engineer in the development program which resulted in a classified program that was the largest program ever awarded to Harris Corp at that time. While at Harris, Gordon received numerous awards including the highest engineering award at Harris. Gordon was make antenna group leader supervising as many as 14 engineers.
    Following 20 years in Florida, Gordon and his wife moved to another Sunbelt city, Gilbert, Az to find new challenges and to be closer to children and grandchildren. He joined Spectrum Astro as the Space Based Radar Phased Array Payload Lead for the SBR proposal. This allowed Spectrum Astro to exploit Gordon’s name recognition in classified circles. In his Payload Lead role he monitored and directed the activities of a world renowned radar supplier. Gordon continued to participate in various classified programs in support of government needs. Spectrum Astro was later acquired by General Dynamics.
    In 2009 a unique opportunity arose to support the Missile Defense Agency as part of the National Systems Engineering Team in Arlington, Va. on a temporary on-site assignment. While there he exercised his system engineering talents in performing effectiveness analyses of our defense systems, especially in the area of phased array radar performance.